What’s new in version 1.1

Improvements and Fixes to the SND features:
– Pressing func + A knob now displays the sample slots, allowing for selecting a sample (push A knob or OK to apply, CLR to cancel).
– Adjusting func + B knob will now snap changes in pitch to semitone units.
– In the SLICE screen, the OK button can be used to create a slice point, and the D-pad left / right buttons can be used to select a slice point.
– Single-cycle waveforms are now displayed correctly.
– Other minor problems including the MONO voice mode have been fixed and improved.

Improvements and Fixes to the Sample Assignment features into the Sample Slots:

– The preview is no longer played continuously, but you can preview it again by pressing the D-pad left button.
– The TAG SEARCH displays the TAG icon and the name of the current folder.
– The selection state for BROWSE / TAG SEARCH is now remembered along with the current folder.
– Fixed problems and enhanced the speed of the FILE NAME SEARCH.
– Other minor problems including the FILE DATABASE have been fixed and improved.

Improvements and Fixes to the Patterns:

– Selected pattern numbers now pop up in the PATTERN SELECT / SAVE screen.
– Fixes and improvements have been made for pattern switching.
– “Muting selected tracks at once” function has been eliminated, instead allowing track selection with func + TRACK PAD even in MUTE mode.
– Fixed other minor sequencer-related problems (incl. Parameter locking, Swing, Transpose, Pressure parameters, Copy and clear track data).

Improvements and Fixes to the SONG features:

– The PTN number and name will pop up when selecting a pattern in SONG EDIT (this will also pop up when switching patterns during playback).
– SONG EDIT allows playback from a specific row number (move cursor and press PLAY).

Improvements and Fixes to MIX TAPE functions:
– When the MIX TAPE is set to ENABLE, the TAPE icon is displayed, then lights up and animates during background recording (Speaker / Headphones / Internal Mic icons are no longer displayed).