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LIVEN Lofi-6

Ultimate Lo-fi Sampler is a limited edition of 500 units in collaboration with Perfect Circuit.

The LIVEN Lofi-6 has a 6kHz – 16bit sampling engine with the TUBE mode that will turn any sound into a pleasing vintage sound.

The ultimate low-frequency sampling of 6kHz, which has rarely existed before, creates a nostalgic sound with the warmth of the ’50-’60s, as you will have heard on old-time radio and TV shows.

Up to 8 seconds mono sampling per sample slot. Start and end point trimming, pitch adjustment, reverse playback, sustain loop, filtering and LFO modulation are all possible.

  • Ultimate retro 6kHz sampling engine
  • TUBE mode reproduces the fat bass and crisp sound of a vacuum tube amplifier
  • Almost all the features of the acclaimed “Lofi-12”
  • Powerful 4-track sequencer with parameter and sound locking
  • 12 types of Effects on each track and 9 types of Master Effect




  • Sound Source: 16bit – 6kHz linear PCM sampling (mono), Sampling up to 8 seconds per sample
  • TUBE mode
  • Various sample editing features
  • Resampling and Chopping
  • Maximum polyphony: 10 voices
  • 12 Track effects: Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Delay, Distortion, Bit Crusher, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Isolator, Tilt EQ, Compressor, S.Maximizer
  • 9 Master effects: Hall Reverb, Room Reverb, Arena Reverb, Plate Reverb, Tunnel Reverb, Infinity Reverb, Cassette Tape Simulator, Vinyl Simulator, Remix performance effect
  • 128 sample memory slots (16 x 8 banks)
  • Sequencer: 4 tracks, up to 64 steps, 64 patterns, Swing
  • I/O : MIDI IN/OUT, SYNC IN/OUT, LINE IN/OUT , headphone out
  • Size : 11.7 inch (W) x 6.92 inch (D) x 1.89 inch (H), 297mm (W) x 176mm (D) x 48mm (H)
  • Weight : 1.74lb., 790g
  • Accessories: Warranty, Overlay sheet for sound edit (Same as the LIVEN Lofi-12’s)
  • Power supply: AA batteries x 6, or 9V DC output AC adapter (1A or higher, EIAJ3 standard inner diameter 1.7mm outer diameter 4.75mm, center +)


*The AC adapter is not included.