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In stock (can be backordered)

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Granular Sampler / Effects Processor LIVEN Texture Lab

The Texture Lab is a 4-voice granular synthesizer/sampler that allows you to use granular synthesis to break down tones and samples into different grains from 2 ms to 1 second in length in order to create completely new sounds by manipulating different parameters (grain shape & size, density, time stretching, spatial position and playback type). Two modulators, an envelope generator and a flexible multimode filter (LP/HP/BP) with extensive possibilities will increase your creativity on the way from beautiful ambient pads to experimentally chaotic textures beyond imagination.

Effects processor for granular real-time processing

Texture Lab can also be used as an effects processor for granular, real-time processing of stereo signals from the line input. It is also possible to freeze these real-time processed signals for up to 6 seconds and add granulated sound effects.

Shimmering reverb for majestic rooms

The Texture Lab’s flexible engine also allows to create majestic shimmer reverberation by layering reverberations over multiple octaves. The LIVEN Texture Lab features six high-quality stereo reverb types. All reverb types are editable via a shimmer parameter, allowing to layer your reverb in octaves to create fantastically majestic-sounding spaces.

Shimmer reverb can also be applied to the stereo line input signal.

128-step sequencer with parameter automation

Texture Lab is equipped with the powerful 128-step sequencer, which has already brought a good reputation to the other products in the LIVEN series. In addition to recording notes, changes in the granular processing parameters can also be recorded and automated. You can record controller movements in real time or parameters directly for specific steps, which enables more complex sound processes.

World-renowned sound designers have provided 32 presets as a result of their experiments.


  • 4-voice synthesizer and effects processor
  • Flexible granular synthesis with extensive editing options for the grain parameters via optimized and intuitive access options (size, timing, density, jitter, shape, diffusion pitch, length, position & speed)
  • Sampling function for up to 32 samples with up to 6 seconds sample time
  • Sample import/export via midi
  • Resampling
  • 2 syncable LFOs with 22 waveforms and 13 modulation addresses,
  • Multimode filter (LP/HP/BP), adjustable cutoff & resonance
  • Envelope generator with attack/release
  • Freeze function
  • Filters: LPF / HPF / BPF
  • 27-key keyboard with hold function
  • Arpeggiator with 12 modes (Up, Down, UpDown, DownUp, Up&Down, Down&Up, Up+1, Up+2, Down-1, Down-2, Random, Play Order)
  • 128-step sequencer (3-voice polyphonic)
  • 16 pattern presets and 128 pattern memories
  • Pattern chain playback and looping chain playback
  • Shimmer reverb with six different reverberation rooms
  • 32 high-quality presets from world-renowned sound designers
  • Flexible sync in/out (3.5 mm jack)
  • MIDI In/Out with full Midi implementation
  • Line In and Out (3.5mm mini jack)
  • Headphone connection (3.5mm mini jack)
  • Built-in speaker (switchable)
  • Power supply via 9V DC power pack (not included) or 6x AA batteries
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 297 x 176 x 48 mm
  • Weight: 790 g

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