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The LIVEN Ambient Ø will be delivered at the end of July/beginning of August 2024

Available on backorder

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LIVEN Ambient Ø – Soundscape Synthesizer

Ambient Ø (zero) is an immersive ambient music generator that uses Sonicware’s newly developed Blendwave Modulation Synthesis to immerse you in completely new musical dimensions.

Despite the complex sound generation, Ambient Ø is incredibly easy to use. Start by playing a tone on one of the four layers and hold it, e.g. with the note hold function, while you can change the tone with the controls and add further layers until you have found the sound you want.

Blendwave modulation synthesis

Sonicware has done extensive research to create wavy and fluctuating tones for Ambient Ø. The result was the development of this new wavetable-based synthesis engine.  Blendwave Modulation Synthesis combines 6 unique structures with 32 WAVEs and complex harmonic transitions to create powerful, deep drones, lush pads and transparent pizzicatos – perfect for ambient music!

Intuitive and effective operation

4 knobs / 8 parameters provide a broad basis for creating sounds. WAVE has 127 harmonic wavetables that enable a wide range of sound creations, from simple waveforms to complex harmonic progressions. The WAVE symbol stands for Yin-Yang, whereby the Yin oscillator moves in the opposite direction through the wavetables during modulation.

6 Structures 

Each of the 6 structures has a different number of oscillators and modulation circuits. ATMOS 1, for example, uses ring modulation, while ATMOS 2 uses FM modulation.

Noise layer for noise & space

The noise layer contains 8 specially selected natural sounds to create unique spatial effects through noise blending, pitch control and modulation. In addition, up to 8 (!) seconds of stereo sampling (16bit – 32kHz) are possible via the line input, so that you can also create individual textures.

Extensive effects section

Ambient Ø is equipped with 9 reverb algorithms, each offering unique spatial resolutions and dimensions. Reverb send and shimmer send (for layering at octaves) are individually adjustable for each layer.

In addition to reverb, the Ambient Ø has an effects unit with tape delay, reverse delay and 4 master effects, overdrive, bit/rate crush, tilt EQ and stereo chorus.

Sequencer included on each layer

Each layer also includes a sequencer that allows you to record keyboard performances and changes to numerous parameters such as level, pan and filter movements.

16 ambient sound pattern libraries – created by experienced sound designers

You don’t have to start from scratch. Choose a library that suits your mood, play sounds and change them using the efficient and clear edit functions, which will soon give your emotions unimagined new ways of expression.

Portable & flexible

Thanks to its portability, integrated speaker and battery operation, you can use Ambient Ø almost anywhere. Leave your usual workspace and use Ambient Ø in the living room, in nature or in other unique places whose tonal structures you want to incorporate musically.  As the evolving sounds blend with the ambient sounds, you are likely to experience “real” ambient music.




  • Note hold function
  • 128 sound pattern palettes (incl. 16 types of preset library)
  • Mixing with level/pan for each layer
  • Layer (sound) copy & paste function
  • Tune All function changes the pitch of all layers
  • (±1 octave in 20-cent steps, adjustable in 1-cent steps)
  • Standard polyphony: 10 voices (depending on the structureʼs oscillators x simultaneous voices)

4-layer concept

  • Drone, Pad and Atmos layers
  • New blendwave modulation synthesis for creating wavy and fluctuating sounds
  • 6 Structures, 32 WAVES
  • Drone 1: 2 oscillators, modulated detune
  • Drone 2: 2 oscillators, modulated harmonics
  • Pad 1: 3 oscillators, modulated harmonics
  • Pad 2: 3 oscillators, modulated harmonics
  • Atmos 1: 1 oscillator, ring modulation at the output
  • Atmos 2: 2 oscillators (frequency modulation), modulated pitch
  • Voice modes: Polyphonic mode – Mono mode (adjustable glide time) – Legato mode (adjustable glide time) – Unisono mode (adjustable glide time)
  • Arpeggiator modes (Up, Down, UpDown, DownUp, Up&Down, Down&Up, Up+1, Up+2, – Down-1, Down-2, Random, playback order)

  Noise layer

  • 1 Structure, 8 Waves
  • Noise: 1 oscillator, modulated pitch
  • Loop or one-shot playback, mix white noise
  • 16bit – 32kHz linear PCM sampling (stereo)
  • Up to 8 seconds sampling per sample (crossfade settings from 1 to 4 seconds)
  • Auto-start sampling function with the input level (input level can be adjusted)
  • Import and export of a slot of samples (via MIDI)*

*Import of audio files from PC/Mac is not supported.

  • Voice modes:  Polyphonic mode – Mono mode (adjustable glide time) – Legato mode (adjustable glide time)
  • Arpeggiator modes (Up, Down, UpDown, DownUp, Up&Down, Down&Up, Up+1, Up+2, – Down-1, Down-2, Random, Play order)

Sound shaping per layer

  • Envelope generator: Attack / Relase
  • Filter: low-pass filter / high-pass filter / band-pass filter
  • LFO: 2 LFOs that can be assigned to different parameters (individually adjustable), adjustable LFO waveform and number of triggers


  • 9 types of high-quality reverb (send amount of reverb and shimmer adjustable per layer):  Small.L, Small.M, Small.H, Large.L, Large.M, Large.H, Infinity.L, Infinity.M, Infinity.H
  • 6 different types of additional effects: Tape delay, reverse delay, master overdrive, master bit/rate crush, master tilt EQ, master chorus


  • 4 tracks (1 track on each layer)
  • Up to 64 steps per pattern
  • Step length can be set from 1/1 to 1/32 or 2/1 (Breve) to 8/1 (Maxima)
  • Real-time recording
  • Overwrite REC function for replacing sequences in real time
  • Direct input of notes for each step when playback is switched on or off
  • Input of longer notes (tied notes)
  • Metronome and count-in function
  • Step Copy & Paste
  • Track Copy & Paste
  • Duplicate to extend a sequence
  • Transpose function
  • Pattern BPM / Global BPM can be set
  • Pattern chain function (loop playback possible)
  • Track level and pan can be set independently of each other
  • Parameter lock function to record parameter settings for each step
  • Sound Lock function to record the sound settings for each step
  • Note playback probability can be set from 25 to 100% for each step
  • RANDOM function to play steps in random order

MIDI implementation 

  • Notes, control change, clock in/out
  • Import and export of user data
  • Firmware update via Sysex User interface & operation


User interface 

  • Keyboard: 27 keys (with hold function)
  • Knobs: 15 rotary knobs
  • The optional LATCH function prevents value jumps if the knob position and parameter values do not match.
  • One knob for fine adjustments.
  • LCD dot indicates when a parameter value matches the stored value or when the value has been changed.

Audio input

  • LINE IN (3.5 mm stereo mini jack)

Audio outputs

  • Stereo line output (3.5 mm stereo mini jack)
  • Headphone output (3.5 mm stereo mini jack)
  • Built-in loudspeaker

Midi & Sync 

  • MIDI IN connector (5-pin DIN type)
  • MIDI OUT connector (5-pin DIN type)
  • SYNC IN socket (monaural 3.5 mm mini jack)*
  • SYNC OUT socket (monaural 3.5 mm mini jack plug)*

*Compatible with the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator series

Dimensions & Weight

  • 297mm (W) x 176mm (D) x 48mm (H) / 11.7 inches (W) x 6.92 inches (D) x 1.89 inches (H)
  • 790g / 1.74lb.

Power supply

  • 9V DC adapter** , current: 1A or more (Compatible with power adapters designed for the Korg Volca)
  • Plug type: EIAJ3 standard, inner diameter: 1.7mm, outer diameter: 4.75mm, polarity center +
  • 6 AA batteries


**The power supply and batteries are not included.


Additional information

Dimensions 29,7 × 17,6 × 4,8 cm