The sound and concept of the Sonicware Lofi-12 have delighted and inspired many musicians. Its popularity, the resulting feedback and many helpful suggestions were the reason to revise and expand the proven Lofi-12 concept.

Since the implementation of all these suggestions was not possible due to the current DSP resources and hardware of LIVEN, Sonicware decided to base the latest model on the hardware of the SmplTrek, which has sufficient power and connectivity to meet these requirements.


User-friendly, true retro sampling

Experience true 12kHz/24kHz sampling in combination with the 12-bit sampler mode, which turns every sample into a pleasant lo-fi sound, just like the legendary 12-bit samplers of yesteryear.

Each sample can be up to 40 seconds long, and you can store as many samples as your SD card can hold. Up to 256 samples (64 MB) can be loaded into a single project and you can seamlessly switch between samples during playback

Samples can also be played in PAD mode, using all 15 pads as a keyboard for chromatic/scaled playing. Sample slicing allows you to “chop” your samples to create and play individual slices within a single track.

Intuitive beat creation and jamming

The powerful 8-track sequencer supports unquantized and step recording, allowing you to record tracks and beats in real time using the pads.

Thanks to the parameter locking function, recording dynamic parameters is child’s play – simply press the REC button and use the controls intuitively and flexibly. Of course, it is also possible to enter exact values directly via the step buttons.

With the D-pad you can choose between 7 re-trigger divisions from the 8th to the 64th note, while you control the velocity by pressing a pad.

Powerful signal processing and extensive sample libraries

Use 8 track effects simultaneously, plus delay, reverb and master compressor, to create a variety of sounds.

The track effects can be selected from 22 effect types, and the master compressor can be switched to sidechain mode or to master filter for performance.

The included SD card contains over 1,000 samples of legendary drum machines such as TR-808/909, LM-1, linndrum, DMX, Drumulator, SP-12, Drumtraks and TOM*, as well as ready-made samples for the production of Lofi HipHop and Lofi House songs. *The samples of the vintage drum machines are licensed by BULLYFINGER.

Effortless mix-tape recording in the background

With the mix tape recording function, all your performances are recorded continuously in the background until the device is switched off. The recording quality can be selected in five levels, from the lo-fi recording quality of a microcassette tape to high-quality recording with 48 kHz-16 bit, i.e. DAT quality. Whether you’re mixing tracks, recording live performances in their entirety or extracting selected beats and phrases from your daily jams, the Lofi XT puts an ever-growing resource of your sounds and music at your fingertips.

Versatile connectivity with other devices

Import and export audio files via USB or SD card. The Lofi-12XT’s unique file conversion function ensures that audio files with different sampling bits/rates are converted into user-friendly lo-fi samples. The import of sample data from the Liven Lofi-12 sample data (MIDI SysEx files) is also possible. A multitude of connections enable connection to the outside world, from dynamic microphones, electric guitars/basses and synthesizers to USB audio sources from PCs/Macs or smartphones. Thanks to digital outputs via USB and tempo synchronization via MIDI or audio synchronization, the Lofi-12XT can be seamlessly integrated into DAWs and other digital worlds.



  • 16-bit PCM sampling (mono) optionally with 12 kHz/24 kHz
  • 12 bit LoFi sampler mode
  • Up to 40 seconds of sample memory per sample
  • Up to 64MB / 256 samples possible for each project – depending on the size of the SD card
  • Sample editing in real time
  • Sample slicing through user markers
  • Slice choke groups
  • Sample file import via USB or SD card
  • Amplitude modulation with ASR/AR envelope
  • Filter modulation with AR envelope
  • Pitch envelope with sweep mode
  • 2 LFOs per track
  • 20 voice polyphony + USB & external audio
  • 8 tracks with different track modes


  • 128 patterns – 16 songs x 256 projects
  • Note (step) lengths from 1/1 to 1/64
  • 128 steps per pattern
  • 4-track sequencer with up to 64 steps and various editing/automation functions
  • Non-quantize recording with micro-timing edit
  • Parameter and sound locking per step
  • Drum roll/note repeat


  • 26 effects (e.g. Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Delay, Distortion, Bit Crusher, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Isolator, Tilt EQ, Compressor)
  • 9 master effects (reverb, room, arena, plate, tunnel, infinity, cassette tape simulator, vinyl simulator, remix)
  • 11 effects possible simultaneously: (1 per track + 2 send efx + master)
  • Background mix-tape recording


  • 15 velocity-sensitive pads with RGB LEDs
  • 5 rotary controls
  • Direction pad with 2 button controls
  • 1.5″ OLED display

Built-in microphone

  • 1x mono (omnidirectional, 94dBSPL)

Built-in loudspeaker    

  • 1x mono (1.5 W 4Ω)


  • INPUT L / guitar (switchable impedance 10kΩ and 1MΩ) / dynamic microphone○ [LINE amplification] PAD: -20dB

○ [Hi-Z gain] LOW: 0dB, NORMAL: +10dB, HI: +20dB ○ [MIC gain] LOW: 0dB, NORMAL: +10dB

  • INPUT R / Dynamic microphone

○ [LINE gain] PAD: -20dB ○ [MIC gain] LOW: 0dB, NORMAL: +28.8dB, HI: +50dB

  • STEREO LINE OUTPUTS (max. +6.5dBV), balanced 1/4″ TRS jack
  • PHONES socket (3.5 mm, stereo, jack)
  • USB connection (Micro USB type B)
  • USB audio: USB 2.0 full speed, 48kHz-16bit; input: 2 channels, output: 2 channels
  • Mass storage class: USB 2.0 high speed
  • For iPhone, Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter required separately
  •  MIDI IN/OUT (5-pin DIN)
  • AUDIO SYNC IN socket (mono 3.5 mm mini jack plug)
  • AUDIO SYNC OUT socket (mono mini jack plug, 3.5 mm)
  • SD card slot
  • DC IN connection

Power supply

  • DC12V output AC adapter (500mA, inner diameter: 2.1mm, outer diameter: 5.5mm, polarity: center), included in delivery
  • Ni-MH AA SIZE rechargeable battery or 6 x alkaline AA SIZE dry batteries (life of alkaline dry batteries: approx. 4 hours), batteries sold separately

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions: (LxWxH)147 x 175 x 46 mm
  • Weight: 550g


  • AC adapter, warranty

*Available separately: SD card, USB cable and other connection cables